News » Octorber 28. 2017

October 28, 2017

Hello all.
Winding down the year.  We just made a HUGE update !

We will have new art from .............

Nick Bradshaw, we have over 20 new covers

From Oliver Coipel, we have all of his Generations covers for Marvel and his current Batman ones for DC
From Lee Garbett, we have the original art to his BNG posters of Batman and the Joker plus a few other pieces from Lucifer.

From Joe Madureira, we have a new Battle Chasers and am X-Men cover from Wizard magazine

From Francis Manapul, we have a few covers and pinups

From Joe Quesada, we have all the original art from the NETFLIX series of Punisher and The Defenders.  Also just listed the cover to Darth Vader 25 and a Captain America cover.

From Chris Stevens, we have a bunch of his new covers from Deadpool to Spider-Gwen.

From Leinil Yu, we have his covers from his Phoenix series that will come out in December. Also a couple of other covers added.