News » June 17, 2017

June 17, 2017

Hello all.

We have updated the site with new art from .............

Nick Bradshaw, we have about 20 covers

From Oliver Coipel, we have all of his Unworthy Thor art (YES, all the art from issues 1 through 5) and about 10 covers covers.

From Joe Madureira, we have a couple of his new covers and a few pinups.

From Francis Manapul, we have a few covers and the art from his Batman B/W statue along with some Trinity pages.

From Joe Quesada, we have a couple of small pinups.

From Chris Stevens, we have a bunch of his new covers.  Check them out as I will be uploading more covers as he sends them.

From Leinil Yu, we have a few covers

If you want to pick up any pieces at SDCC, we will be glad to pull the piece(s) for you to save on some shipping costs.

*** We will also have variant comic books (signed and unsigned) ***

That is it for now.  Keep your eyes peeled for the SDCC announcement in 2/3 weeks !!!