News » February 11, 2017

February 11, 2017

Hello all.
A big update here with lots of new art and such.

We have new art.............

From Nick Bradshaw, we have several beautiful covers.  Make sure to check out the Fantastic Four Cover recreation !!

From Jae Lee, we have several Suicide Squad pinups and a cover or two.

From Rick Leonardi, we have several of his Spider-Man 2099 covers.

From Francis Manapul, we have a bunch of his pages from Trinity and a Batgirl cover

From Joe Quesada, we have the only cover available from Star Wars TFA that he drew

From Leinil Yu, we have uploaded the pages and cover from all his Star Wars art along with a couple of new covers including all of his Inhumans vs. X-Men art

No new art from Olivier Coipel, no Unworthy Son Thor pages yet, but as soon as he sends them to me they will be for sale here.

Also no new art from Jerome Opena's red hot Seven to Eternity series.  Again..........when he releases them for sale, they will be for sale here.
Last but not least, we have another exclusive comic variant.  It is an IDW G.I. Joe # 1 Comic.  Check it out under the "COMICS" tab
That is it for now.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next announcement.
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