Bernie Wrightson » Batman Hidden Treasures

Batman Hidden Treasures

Issue: 01
Page: 15
Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Status: On Hold
Artists: Bernie Wrightson penciller
Kevin Nowlan inker

Splash page is 12" x 19" with the actual art measuring 7.5" x 15" Signed by Both Wrightson and Nowlan. ~~~~~~~~ A uniquely told Batman story by Marz that Wrightson completed 15 years ago, and which was previously unpublished. "It was a story I originally did with Bernie for Legends of the Dark Knight ,when Archie Goodwin was editor, about 15 years ago," Marz explained. "Archie had it on reserve as an inventory story, but then he ended up getting sick, and then passed away, and the story just sat in the DC offices. They wanted to publish it for a long time, but they said it was too much of a 'treasure' to just throw into an ongoing series. So they finally came up with this idea."

On Hold

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